Cosmopolitan Events, event expertise

Customized options on request. 10 to 150 people.

Starting line, going up the Avenue d'Ostende or coming out of the tunnel and its famous chicane Admire the fight between the world’s greatest racing drivers comfortably installed in these reception areas. Thus you will watch one of the most prestigious car races of the international Formula 1 circuit : the famous Grand Prix of Monaco !

Cosmopolitan Events will select the best seats for you to attend this annual event aboard yachts and on the terraces of appartments offering the most spectacular views of the F1 circuit. For your peace of mind, Cosmopolitan Events will take over the entire organisation of this special day : hotel reservations, transport, activities, restaurants and outings (Amber Lounge, Billionnaire club, etc.)

• Your reception area is carefully prepared.
• Customizing to the colours of your own choice (furniture, tableware, floral compositions, frames…)
• Flat screen TV sets in the inside lounge areas for live broadcasting of the race in your own language
• The official programs of the races
• Earmuffs, official credentials delivered by the Automobile Club of Monaco, ID access badges
• A clear signposting at the entrance of your terrace (marking cords to the colours of your company or of your own choice)
• A desk of reception to every access of building to steer your hosts, personalized welcome gifts
• On-site technnical staff, maintenance people, security guards and a dedicated hostess
• Insurance for personal belongings and for the people relative to the apartment

Just imagine : our Chef welcoming you for breakfast with his selection of fancy pastries and warm breads and rolls. This is the « Starting Point » to begin an exciting and thrilling day. Soft drinks, wine, champagne, spirits or house cocktails will be served by a bilingual butler.